WGS-1011 Syringe Pump


1. Single channel syringe pump, rate mode, time mode and weight mode, advanced design, special outer shell, anti- shock, easy for operation

2. 5ml, 10ml, 20ml,30ml, 50ml syringe sets of all standard brands syringe are acceptable

3. Automatically identify syringe type

4. Double CPU can back up for each other, make the injection safety and reliable

5. Our syringe pump's components all brought from famous company: like stepper Motor from Shinano (Japan), Detection sensor from ALPS(USA), Pressure sensor from MEAS(USA), Power management system from TI(USA). At Chinese products prices, you got the world highest quality, you make a lot of money. 

6. With precision stepping motor, make low injection more accurate

7. Light/voice alarm, more safe and convenient for doctor using

8. Pressure sensor can effectively detect overrunning, precisely detect obstruction

9. Accumulated injection volume recordable when “ Bolus” function is on

10. Built-in lithium battery, offer long working time

11. Unique wireless infusion supervision system