WGC-2060 ECG

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●All-digital design
●High brightness and wide viewing angle color LCD
●With flexible touch screen and button operation function
●Ultra-thin streamlined body and portable handle, easy to take and saving space.
●Chinese/English operation interface, flexible and convenient input and operational menu setup
●External SD card, super-large in ECG data memory space*
●Powerful USB port design, able to connect to external printer *
●Wired or wireless WIFI network interconnection *
●High-precision 12-lead sync signal acquisition and 12-lead OSD scroll display design, equipped with powerful ECG analysis and auto measure function
●High-precision digital filter, more stable baselines and more accurate data analysis
●AC/DC input jack and built-in lithium battery design, widely used in various environments including vehicle-mounted systems, wards, consulting rooms, etc
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