WGC-2030 ECG

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●All-digital design, digital filtering, self-adjusting baseline, and gain, auto-switching lead;
●12-lead synchronous acquisition, real-time display, 12-lead heart-wave;
●3 recorded waveforms;
●8.4-inch HD color TFT LCD, resolution: 800*600, wide viewing angle screen
●With flexible touch screen and button, dual-operation function
●Various print modes
●With detailed ECG analysis, R-R interval analysis, rhythm analysis, etc.
●Chinese/English operation interface, supporting Chinese input
●Ultra-thin streamlined body, portable design, easy to take and saving space
●Standard network port, connecting to ECG workstation and realizing ECG information management and sharing;
●Compatible with SD card, and large in ECG waveform and analysis report memory capacity
●With AC/DC input jack and built-in lithium battery, widely used in various environments including vehicle-mounted systems, wards, consulting rooms, etc
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